Leadership Boards and Committees

Agricultural education’s network includes a variety of specialized boards and advisory groups with roles ranging from fiscal oversight to programmatic recommendations. These boards work with members of the State Agricultural Education Staff in order to execute the mission and vision of agricultural education.

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Leadership Boards
State Agricultural Education Advisory Committee

In 1981, legislation was passed and signed by the Governor that directed the State Director of Career Technical Education (CTE) to establish and convene an Agricultural Advisory Committee (AAC) representative of the various and diverse areas of the agriculture industry in California (Education Code Section 52453).

The primary role of this committee is to advise, in an ongoing manner, the State Supervisor of Agricultural Education, the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, and the State Board of Education on policy matters pertaining to the state program of agricultural education. The advice of the AAC shall include, but not be limited to, the development of a curriculum and a strategy for the purpose of establishing a source of trained and qualified individuals in agriculture, a strategy for articulating the state program in agricultural education throughout the state school system, and a consumer education outreach strategy regarding the importance of agriculture in California. The State Supervisor of Agricultural Education shall serve as the committee consultant.

Committee Members: 

Name Business
Nicolina Alves Farm to Office
Matt Angell US Water Well
Chris Faucher Asst. Director, CTE Five Keys
Wil Gonzalez Dragon Ridge Floral
Christopher Greer Agricultural commissioner's Office Tulare County
Robin Grundmeyer Agriculture Teacher, Norco High School
Breanna Holbert Agriculture Teacher, Florin High School
Tate Kelley Netafim USA
Dr. Lynn Martindale Teacher Educator, UC Davis
Lindsey Mebane Tasteful Selections
Jacob Odello, Chair Director of Food & Industrial Safety, Nunes Company
Will Scott, Jr. Scott Urban Farming
Shelli Stinson Agriculture Teacher, Bear River Middle School
Jacob Vazquez Agriculture Instructor, Butte College


State Ag Ed Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

State Agricultural Education Staff

Employees of the California Department of Education work to implement programmatic objectives and supervise the growth and development of local agriculture programs.

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State Ag Education Staff        
Charles Parker   State Supervisor and State FFA Advisor   916-319-0673
Jill Sperling   Central Region Supervisor/FFA Advisor   916-319-0494
JessaLee Goehring   North Coast Region Supervisor/FFA Advisor   916-319-0486
Shay Williams-Hopper   San Joaquin Region Supervisor/FFA Advisor   559-278-5777
Greg Beard   South Coast Region Supervisor/FFA Advisor   805-756-2402
Jackie Jones-Ioimo   Southern Region Supervisor/FFA Advisor   909-869-5268
Anthony Drumonde   Superior Region Supervisor/FFA Advisor   530-342-7541
Hugh Mooney   Assistant State FFA Advisor   916-319-0488


State Staff Meeting Minutes

State FFA Association and Foundation Staff

With boots on the ground and a clear vision in mind, the staff of the FFA Association and FFA Foundation work tirelessly alongside the State Ag Education Staff to implement the organizational objectives through innovative programming.

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Matt Patton   CATA Executive Director & FFA Center Manager   209-744-1605
Maria Maberto   Financial Services Director   209-744-1600
Trisha Chapman   Membership Services & Registration Coordinator   209-744-1600
Heather Casjens   Office Assistant   209-744-1600
Katie Otto   Executive Director of Development   209-744-1969
Cari Brown   Office Assistant   209-744-1600
Jasmine Flores   Leadership Development Coordinator   209-744-1910
FFA Executive Committee

Made up of the student leadership of the Association, the FFA Executive Committee includes members from each of the 6 regions as well as the State FFA Officer team. Charged with ensuring the business of the Association is conducted according to the State FFA Constitution, the group meets multiple times per year in order to best accomplish its work.

Austin Bell   Chair, State President   Gustine  
Sierra Short   State Vice President   Salinas-Rancho San Juan  
Makena Stanisai   State Secretary   Temecula-St. Jeanne  
Sydney Marich   State Treasurer   Chino-Don Lugo  
Piper Lakey   State Reporter   McArthur-Fall River  
Thomas Rosa   State Sentinel   Visalia-El Diamante  
Dawson Donich   Central Region President   Ripon  
Jesus Martinez Diaz   North Coast Region President   Sebastopol-Analy  
Patrick Palmer   San Joaquin Region President   Clovis-Clovis East  
Siena Boscaro   South Coast Region President   San Luis Obispo  
Paloma Wizikowski   Southern Region President   Fullerton-Sunny Hills  
Adam Jones   Superior Region President   Grass Valley-Nevada Union  
Abby Jacobsen   Past State Officer   Elk Grove  
Hugh Mooney   Assistant State FFA Advisor   California Department of Education  
Charles Parker   State FFA Advisor   California Department of Education  


State FFA Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

FFA Adult Board

Charged with fiscal oversight of the FFA Association, the Adult Board's mission is to ensure the long-term financial viability of the Association through prudent planning and expenditure.

FFA Adult Board          
Kristann Mattes   Chair, FFA Foundation Board Rep.   O'Neals-Minarets  
Jason Bretz   Central Region   Los Banos  
Sam Meredith   Central Region   Atwater  
Sandy Dale   North Coast Region   Fortuna  
Randy Mendes   North Coast Region   St. Helena  
Clay Freeman   San Joaquin Region   Bakersfield-Kern ROC  
John Williams   San Joaquin Region   Fresno State  
Rosemary Cummings   South Coast Region   Nipomo  
Marc DeBernardi   South Coast Region   Santa Maria  
Brian Kim   Southern Region   Fullerton-Sunny Hills  
Troy Van Bavel   Southern Region   Lucerne Valley  
Elizabeth Ammon   Superior Region    Susanville-Lassen  
Morgan Rourke   Superior Region    Hayfork  
    Community College Representative      
    State Agricultural Advisory Committee      
John Moffatt   Past State Officer Representative   1994-95 State President  
Dr. Steve Rocca   Teacher Education Representative   CSU Fresno  
Sydney Marich   State FFA Treasurer (Ex-Officio)   California Association FFA  
Charles Parker   State FFA Advisor   California Department of Education  
Hugh Mooney   Assistant State FFA Advisor    California Department of Education  
Matt Patton   CATA Executive Director   CATA  



FFA Adult Board Past Meeting Minutes

FFA Advisory Committee

Responsible for reviewing and providing guidance on the implementation of student leadership objectives, the FFA Advisory Committee includes the valuable perspectives of agriculture instructors from each of the 6 regions.

Rick Neugebauer   Chair, Superior Region Representative   McArthur-Fall River  
Matt Bongiovanni   Central Representative   Turlock-Turlock Christian  
Sherry Johns   Central Representative   Ripon  
Wesley Hunt   North Coast Representative   Healdsburg  
Amber Grable   North Coast Representative   Covelo-Round Valley  
Vernon Clark   San Joaquin Representative   Bakersfield-Foothill  
Julie Luxon   San Joaquin Representative   Madera  
Laureen Peterson   South Coast Representative   King City  
Jodi Evans   South Coast Representative   San Luis Obispo  
Stephen Daly   Southern Representative   Menifee-Heritage  
Lindsay Cox   Southern Representative   Holtville  
Janice Lohse   Superior Representative   Hamilton City-Hamilton  
Thomas Rosa   State FFA Sentinel   California Association FFA  
Charles Parker   State FFA Advisor (Ex-Officio)   California Department of Education  
Hugh Mooney   Assistant State FFA Advisor (Ex-Officio)   California Department of Education


FFA Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

FFA Foundation Board of Directors
Business & Industry        
Emily Rooney   Agricultural Council of California   Chairman
Matt Angell   US Water Well   Vice Chairman
Dennis Albiani   California Advocates, Inc.   Treasurer
Tyler Blagg   Petersen & Company Real Estate Services    
Louie Brown   Kahn, Soares & Conway, LLC    
Jacob DeBoer   American AgCredit    
Kate Fuso   Nationwide    
Nicole Gross   Bokides Hesseltine Real Estate Company    
Mallorie Hayes   Blue Diamond Growers    
Debbie Hollbrook   Princess Cruises    
Jim Houston   California Farm Bureau Federation    
Tracy Kilby   WyoTech    
Kristann Mattes   Agriculture Instructor, Minarets High School   FFA Adult Board
Daniel Meza   F&M Bank    
Jake Parnell   Cattlemen's Livestock Market, Parnell Dickinson    
Renee Rianda   The Morning Star Packing Co.    
Brendan Ronayne   CoBank    
Nick Wells   Holtville City Manager    
Wayne Zipser   Stanislaus Farm Bureau    
Education & Program Oversight        
Charles Parker   State FFA Advisor, California Dept. of Education   State FFA Advisor
Hugh Mooney   Assistant State FFA Advisor, California Dept. of Education   Assistant State FFA Advisor
Mike Albiani   Agriculture Instructor, Elk Grove High School   FFA Advisor
Jake Dunn   Agriculture Instructor, Petaluma High School   FFA Advisor
Robin Grundmeyer   Agriculture Instructor, Norco High School   FFA Advisor
Mike Mederos   Agriculture Instructor, Tulare High School   FFA Advisor
Camille Zavala   California Association, FFA   State FFA President
Foundation Staff        
Matt Patton   California FFA Foundation   Executive Director
Katie Otto   California FFA Foundation   Executive Director of Development 
Cari Brown   California FFA Foundation   Office Assistant


FFA Alumni Council

Working with the National FFA Alumni Association, the California FFA Alumni strives to implement alumni groups in each of California's local FFA programs. 

Travis Cardoso   President   Turlock, CA
Ellie Michel   Vice President   Davis, CA
Colleen Lawson   Secretary   Elk Grove, CA
Jessica Forster   Treasurer   Elk Grove, CA
Hugh Mooney   Alumni Advisor   Elk Grove, CA

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Agricultural education strives to maintain its status on the cutting-edge of rigorous classroom instruction, relevant skill acquisition and premier leadership development. Check out the expansive and evolving catalog of resources to generate new ideas, enhance curriculum delivery skills or identify new ways to engage in FFA and SAE activities.


Beginning in the early 20th century in California, agricultural education has a long tradition of preparing students for rigorous, satisfying careers both within and outside of the industry. As a school-based learning program, agricultural education operates as a unit within the California Department of Education and is written into the state’s legislative education code.


Rich in history with an eye toward the future, California’s school-based agricultural education program seeks to prepare all students for satisfying careers in and outside of the agriculture industry. The multi-faceted approach to growing the whole person includes a focus on character and interpersonal skill development, technical acumen and critical thinking capabilities.



From personal growth to career skill enhancement, the focus of California’s agricultural education events is always on the experiential development of the student. With activities ranging from local to national, the statewide organization offers a number of premier events each year that are suited to best meet the interests of an ever-diversifying student population.


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Support Agricultural Leadership, Growth and Career Education

The mission of the California FFA Foundation is to promote, aid, and assist, financially or otherwise, California FFA to ensure the success of Agricultural Education by preparing tomorrow's agricultural leaders, today.




California FFA Foundation’s goal is to provide individuals, businesses, foundations, and others the opportunity to invest in the premier secondary Agricultural Education leadership development program in California: FFA. The Foundation provides award recognition for student projects, competitive team events, leadership development events, as well as leadership training conferences.