Proficiency Award National Finalists

Proficiency Award National Finalists

We are proud to recognize 25 National Agricultural Proficiency Award Finalists from California FFA. The Agricultural Proficiency Awards honor FFA members who, through their supervised agricultural experiences (SAEs), have developed specialized skills that they can apply toward their future careers. See the full list in our slideshow and below. The finalists will compete at the 94th National FFA Convention & Expo this fall.


Agricultural Communications – Entrepreneurship/Placement 

Brianna Hafey, Wildomar-Elsinore


Agricultural Processing – Entrepreneurship/Placement 

Francisco Rocha, El Centro-Southwest


Agricultural Sales – Placement 

Emily Wise, Bakersfield Christian


Agriscience Research – Animal Systems 

Danae Westra, Visalia-Central Valley Christian


Agriscience Research – Plant Systems 

Nicholas Mello, Hanford


Beef Production – Entrepreneurship 

Caleb Eberhardt, Nicolaus-East Nicolaus


Beef Production – Placement

Wesley Knippler-Cole, Bakersfield-Frontier


Dairy Production – Entrepreneurship 

Hartley Silva, Modesto


Dairy Production – Placement 

Shianne Omlin, Modesto


Diversified Agricultural Production – Entrepreneurship/Placement 

Blake Kalfsbeek, Colusa


Diversified Crop Production – Entrepreneurship 

Peter Bliss, Merced-Golden Valley


Equine Science – Entrepreneurship 

Delilah Nichole Westhaver, Wildomar-Elsinore


Equine Science – Placement

Layton Lee Oswald, Oakdale


Forage Production – Entrepreneurship/Placement 

Spencer Wolf, Merced-El Capitan


Forest Management and Products – Entrepreneurship/Placement

Caleb Gretlein, Nipomo 


Fruit Production – Entrepreneurship/Placement 

Pamela Donoso-Merino, Watsonville


Outdoor Recreation – Entrepreneurship/Placement 

Gavin Renz, Hollister-San Benito


Poultry Production – Entrepreneurship/Placement 

Ayden Gartenlaub, Bakersfield-Highland


Service-Learning – Entrepreneurship/Placement 

Marc Cabeliza, Santa Maria-Pioneer Valley


Sheep Production – Entrepreneurship/Placement 

Kaycee Brassfield, San Andreas-Calaveras


Specialty Crop Production – Entrepreneurship/Placement 

Savanah Downs, Bakersfield Christian


Swine Production – Entrepreneurship

Sierra Collier, Fresno-Central


Swine Production – Placement 

Christina De La Pena, Calipatria


Vegetable Production – Entrepreneurship/Placement

Adela Garcia, Santa Maria-Pioneer Valley


Wildlife Production and Management – Entrepreneurship/Placement 

Mason Haworth, Central Valley Christian 

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Rich in history with an eye toward the future, California’s school-based agricultural education program seeks to prepare all students for satisfying careers in and outside of the agriculture industry. The multi-faceted approach to growing the whole person includes a focus on character and interpersonal skill development, technical acumen and critical thinking capabilities.



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