Award Sponsors

Supporting agricultural students through sponsorship of awards is a key component of the California FFA Foundation's efforts.

The purposes of the Agricultural Award Program are to:

  • Stimulate interest in the instructional program.
  • Stimulate interest in agricultural occupations.
  • Reward FFA members at the local, state, regional, and national levels for exceptional accomplishments in progressing toward specific occupational objectives in agriculture.

The Future Farmers of America Award Program is a competitive-based system in which members may compete in the development of specialized skills and abilities in an agricultural career. There are currently 8 different areas of competition under the Leadership program, 35 under the Career Development Events program, and 47 under the Proficiency program. 

Studying vocational agriculture and participating in the Agricultural Award Program may open a wide choice of agriculturally-related careers.  In addition to farming and ranching, job opportunities in agriculture include careers in processing, agricultural sales, and service, conservation, forest management, and horticulture.

Thanks to California FFA Foundation sponsors for their support of Career Development Events (CDE), Leadership Development Events (LDE), Proficiency Awards, Agriscience Fair, and Star Awards.

If you are interested in sponsoring an award, please contact California FFA Foundation.

Award Sponsors
Career Development Events

Sponsors cover the costs for the judging of California FFA State Finals for Career Development Events. 

Awards for each of the State Finals Contests consist of:

  • One High Team Bowl
  • One High Individual Plaque
  • High Team Jacket Pins
  • High Individual Jacket Pin
  • Five Top Team Rosettes
  • Five Top Individual Rosettes
  • Various Sub-contest Ribbons.

Thanks to the following sponsors for their sponsorship.

Madera County Farm Bureau         Agricultural Communications
California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo- Agribusiness Department  Agricultural Issues Forum
Darol Fishman & Jake Dunn- In Memory of Bill King Agricultural Mechanics
Kirby Manufacturing Ag Mechanics Fair
California FFA Foundation Agricultural Pest Control
Ranchview Livestock Farm Record Books-Agriculture Experience Tracker
Almond Board of California Agricultural Sales
California FFA Foundation Agricultural Welding
Merced College Agriculture Foundation AgriScience Fair
JMLord, Inc. Agronomy
Kaweah Delta Water Conservation District/Tulare Irrigation District/Lower Tule River Irrigation District/Lindmore Irrigation District California Water Issues
California Citrus Mutual Citrus
Agricultural Council of California Cooperative Marketing
California Cotton Alliance Cotton
Ray & Erica Prock Dairy Cattle
California FFA Foundation Farm Business Management
East Bay Tire Company

Farm Power/Farm Machinery

Hugh Mooney Floriculture
The California Forest Foundation Forestry
Yearout Investment Properties Fruit Tree Judging
Smittcamp Ag Enterprises Fruit Tree Pruning
Almond Board of California Grapevine Judging
Sun-Maid Growers of California     Grapevine Pruning
Riverside Section, California Agricultural Teachers' Association     Light Horse
Bakersfield High School- In Memory of Robert Bowman Livestock
Lloyd & Sheila McCabe Marketing Plan 
Harris Ranch Beef Company Meats
Dr. Sam Rodriguez - In Memory of Sam R. Rodriguez, Jr. Milk Quality & Dairy Foods
Matt Angell Natural Resources
CANERS Foundation Nursery/Landscape
JS West and Companies Poultry
Kubota Tractor Corporation-Western Division Small Engines
G & E teVelde Orchards, LLC Soil & Land Evaluation
Almond Board of California Vegetable Crops
Kim & Jim Williams

Veterinary Science

Leadership Development Events

Contests for Leadership Development Events take place at the local, sectional, regional, and state levels. Plaques are awarded to the first and second-place winners, and ribbons are awarded to the first through fifth-place winners at the 31 sectional, 6 regional, and state-level contests.   

These contests offer an opportunity for sponsors to witness excellence in leadership among California's agricultural youth.  By supporting this activity, you are contributing directly to the continued strength of our agricultural industry.

Thank you to the following sponsors for their sponsorship.

California Farm Bureau  Best Informed Greenhand
Hilmar Cheese Company, Inc. Creed Recitation
CALF Class 52 El Credo de la FFA
Farm Credit Alliance Extemporaneous Public Speaking
Farm Credit Alliance Impromptu Public Speaking
California Cotton Alliance Job Interview
Silkwood Family Foundation Parliamentary Procedure-Advanced
Vino Farms, LLC Parliamentary Procedure-Novice
Western Plant Health Association Prepared Public Speaking


Proficiency Awards

Plaques are presented to each of the six Regional Winners, as well as a plaque to the State Winner in each Proficiency Award.  Regional winners are recognized at regional ceremonies, while the State Winner will be named at the State FFA Leadership Conference.  Each of the plaques presented includes the engraved name of the sponsor or the engraved name of the sponsoring organization.

Thank you to the following sponsors for their support of Proficiency Awards.

Malcolm Media Agricultural Communications Entrepreneurship/Placement
iCEV  Agricultural Education Entrepreneurship/Placement
Ponderosa Telephone Company Agricultural Mechanics Design & Fabrication Entrepreneurship/Placement
Far West Equipment Dealers' Association Agricultural Mechanics Repair & Maintenance Entrepreneurship
Almond Board of California Agricultural Mechanics Repair & Maintenance Placement
Blue Diamond Growers Agricultural Processing Entrepreneurship/Placement
Ray & Diana Rezendes- State Farm Insurance Agricultural Sales Entrepreneurship
Gina Boster- In Memory of Karl Bakken & Sandy Harris Agricultural Sales Placement
Almond Board of California Agricultural Services Entrepreneurship/Placement
California FFA Foundation Agriscience Integrated Systems Research Entrepreneurship/Placement
California FFA Foundation Agriscience Research-Animal Systems Entrepreneurship/Placement
Tasteful Selections, LLC Agriscience Research-Plant Systems Entrepreneurship/Placement
Central Valley Meat Beef Production Entrepreneurship
California FFA Foundation Beef Production Placement
Associated Feed & Supply Dairy Production Entrepreneurship
Connor Agriscience Dairy Production Placement
California Farmland Trust Diversified Agricultural Production Entrepreneurship/Placement
Almond Board of California Diversified Crop Production Entrepreneurship
California State University, Chico- College of Agriculture Diversified Crop Production Placement
TS&L Seeds Diversified Horticulture Entrepreneurship/Placement
Associated Feed & Supply Diversified Livestock Production Entrepreneurship/Placement
California Farm Bureau Federation Environmental Science & Natural Resources Entrepreneurship/Placement
Golden State Strategy Group, LLC Equine Science Entrepreneurship
Elk Grove Milling, Inc. Equine Science Placement
California Cotton Alliance Fiber & Oil Production Entrepreneurship/Placement
Pioneer, USA Forage Production Entrepreneurship/Placement
Vivayic, Inc. Forest Management & Products Entrepreneurship/Placement
Martinez Ranches, Inc Fruit Production Entrepreneurship/Placement
Mayo Club Lambs Goat Production Entrepreneurship/Placement
Wilbur-Ellis Company Grain Production Entrepreneurship/Placement
Southern Region, California Agricultural Teachers' Association Landscape Management Entrepreneurship/Placement
Almond Board of California Nursery Operations Entrepreneurship/Placement
Almond Board of California Outdoor Recreation Entrepreneurship/Placement
Foster Farms Poultry Production Entrepreneurship/Placement
Almond Board of California Service Learning Entrepreneurship/Placement
Superior Farms Sheep Production Entrepreneurship/Placement
CalAgJobs Small Animal Production & Care Entrepreneurship/Placement
California FFA Foundation Specialty Animal Production Entrepreneurship/Placement
The Robert J. Lindeleaf Family Specialty Crop Production Entrepreneurship/Placement
California Pork Producers Association Swine Production Entrepreneurship
Brady & Katie Otto Swine Production Placement
West Coast Turf Turf Grass Management Entrepreneurship/Placement
Tanimura & Antle, Inc. Vegetable Production Entrepreneurship/Placement
Mid Valley Large Animal Service Veterinary Science Entrepreneurship/Placement
Ralphs Prather Ranch Foundation Wildlife Production & Management Entrepreneurship/Placement


Star Awards

Thanks to donors for their support of Star Awards.

All Tech
Assemi Group
Bob Smittcamp
California Farm Bureau
Central Valley Community Bank
Don & Robin Watenpaugh
Filice Farms
Maisie Jane’s Sunshine Products
Pacific Coast Producers 
Pearson Realty
Stanislaus Food Products
The Morning Star Company 
Toni Lindeleaf


Agriscience Fair

The FFA Agriscience Fair recognizes middle and high school students who are studying the application of scientific principles and emerging technologies in agricultural enterprises.

Thanks to the following sponsors for their sponsorship.

American Ag Credit State Championship
California Beef Cattle Improvement Association Animal Systems and Natural Resources
Land IQ Environmental Services and Natural Resources
California FFA Foundation Plant Sytems
Almond Board of California Power, Structural, and Technical Systems
American Farm Bottle Company LLC Social Science
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Golden Owl Award

The Golden Owl Award award is sponsored by Nationwide in partnership with California Farm Bureau and California FFA Foundation. Regional winners and Golden Owl Award nominees will be announced prior to the California State FFA Leadership Conference in late March 2024. To submit a nomination, click here

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Agricultural education strives to maintain its status on the cutting-edge of rigorous classroom instruction, relevant skill acquisition and premier leadership development. Check out the expansive and evolving catalog of resources to generate new ideas, enhance curriculum delivery skills or identify new ways to engage in FFA and SAE activities.


Beginning in the early 20th century in California, agricultural education has a long tradition of preparing students for rigorous, satisfying careers both within and outside of the industry. As a school-based learning program, agricultural education operates as a unit within the California Department of Education and is written into the state’s legislative education code.


Rich in history with an eye toward the future, California’s school-based agricultural education program seeks to prepare all students for satisfying careers in and outside of the agriculture industry. The multi-faceted approach to growing the whole person includes a focus on character and interpersonal skill development, technical acumen and critical thinking capabilities.



From personal growth to career skill enhancement, the focus of California’s agricultural education events is always on the experiential development of the student. With activities ranging from local to national, the statewide organization offers a number of premier events each year that are suited to best meet the interests of an ever-diversifying student population.


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Support Agricultural Leadership, Growth and Career Education

The mission of the California FFA Foundation is to promote, aid, and assist, financially or otherwise, California FFA to ensure the success of Agricultural Education by preparing tomorrow's agricultural leaders, today.




California FFA Foundation’s goal is to provide individuals, businesses, foundations, and others the opportunity to invest in the premier secondary Agricultural Education leadership development program in California: FFA. The Foundation provides award recognition for student projects, competitive team events, leadership development events, as well as leadership training conferences.